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The development of the Malaysian timber industry is in line with the National Timber Industry Policy (NATIP) that outlines the integrated planning of the national timber industry development for the period 2009-2020. NATIP aims to shift the structure of an industry that focused on the production of upstream products to companies that emphasize the production of value-added downstream products at a ratio of 60:40.

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Malaysia's timber industry is one of the major contributors to the national economy. It is also the third most important commodity sub-sector after oil palm and rubber. In 2018, the export value of timber and timber products contributed about RM22 billion with an export market to 160 countries. Among the timber products produced include sawn timber, panel products (plywood, fiberboard, chipboard), floors, doors and other joinery products. The industry also provides employment opportunities to approximately 240,000 workers with 3,540 timber-based factories in Malaysia.

To ensure sustainable forest development and continuous supply of raw materials, the Ministry in collaboration with agencies, councils and related industries has undertaken various initiatives. These include introducing the Forest Plantation Development Program (PPLH) as well as research and development (R&D) activities related to the national timber industry. In addition, certification of timber products and resources is given equal attention through the Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC) to ensure that sustainable forest management practices are adopted by the industries.


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